Current Project – 5/17


Liminal Space

Some title huh? I can be all snooty later in some other boring post about naming my work and how terribly ridiculous the whole process is. But its a name and I honestly don’t 100% hate it so its staying.

Liminal Space is an actual thing. A real thing I’m working on (which is difficult for me to believe or even say). I’ve been pushing back the day it comes out for months now so I’m not even going to try and give a date here. Link forthcoming, in another post when I finally give in and pick a date and explain plot and logistics more. Gosh that sounds boring.

All I can say is that doing this social media thing is difficult and exhausting. I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I have to do to remain encouraged to do this. And I will admit readily that this post is entirely to get rid of the terrible “blank example” posts on here. I’m trying. That’s all I have.

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