Stephanie Monell is an artist working just outside Chicago Illinois on a variety of projects.

Stephanie is focused on creating conversations with people, within and outside of the art she makes. She wants to educate those around her and to provide others a means to understand experiences outside of their own in order to help the world around her be more diverse and open with itself. She wishes to get more involved in her local community than she already is and is always looking for a way to promote education of the arts and sciences for all ages.

While not pursuing scientific illustration, Stephanie works on traditional comics. Her current project is Liminal Space; a sci-fi/fantasy adventure that features multiple characters reacting and surviving a new dimension.

A self professed nerd, Stephanie also works with others in creating costumes and props from popular media. She attends local conventions to meet others who share in her love of these comics and video games and to show off her skills in creating her interpretation of the characters she cosplays.


Something Wicked 2020 – Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin, IL – October 2020

Watercolors 2020 – Dellora A. Norris Cultural Arts Center, St. Charles IL – April 2020 

Going Dutch Festival 2019 – Side Street Studio Arts, Elgin IL  – June 2019